NVB Leadership Team

Your Community Banking Leaders Never Settle for Anything Less Than Perfect Financial Solutions

In an industry where clients are a commodity, New Valley Bank values community above everything else. Our founding members are committed to operating with an innovative spirit and strive to proactively ensure your financial needs are met.

New Valley Bank & Trust is championed by a diverse group of results-driven founders, investors and professionals capitalizing on the economic momentum of the region each of us calls home. A wide network of Western Mass-based shareholders and business customers fuels our sustainable model, promoting loyalty and profitability for our customers. As a community touchstone we are committed to a positive economic and social impact for all businesses and lives in the Western Massachusetts region. Meet the team that’s changing a dated field into one that is transforming the way you bank and helping  the Pioneer Valley achieve greater financial success.


Jeff Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff leads and executes on the strategic vision of New Valley Bank & Trust. He is an accomplished executive in the finance industry, bringing with him over 30 years of banking and leadership experience. Previously, Jeff served as the President and CEO for a regional internal audit and regulatory compliance advisory firm in Springfield, and as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Lending Officer for two locally operated community banks in New England. He holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Becky Elias

Chief Lending Officer

As the Chief Lending Officer for New Valley Bank & Trust, Becky is responsible for overseeing and managing all lending activity. Becky and her team deliver on New Valley’s lending objectives by providing financial solutions to our customers with a sense of urgency focused on the bottom-line value they require. She has over 20 years of commercial banking experience and holds a BS in Executive Business Management from Bay Path University.

Mike Paré

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer for New Valley Bank & Trust, Mike is responsible for developing and managing New Valley’s strategic financial objectives and ensuring the bank operates in a fiscally sound manner. Mike also oversees the bank’s Treasury and Liquidity functions including interest-rate risk management and fixed income portfolio oversight. Mike was most recently the VP Division Finance Officer at one of the largest banks in New England. He holds a BS in Business Administration from New England College of Business.

Elizabeth Beaudry

Chief Credit Officer

As the Chief Credit Officer for New Valley Bank & Trust, Liz is responsible for overseeing and managing the commercial loan department including credit analysts, portfolio managers, credit officers, commercial loan assistants, as well as loan servicing. With over 20 years of banking expertise, Liz and her team of skilled professionals, pride themselves on delivering New Valley’s lending objectives all while providing an exceptional lending experience to its customers with a solid commitment to maintaining a robust and sustainable credit portfolio. She holds a BS in Business Executive Management from Bay Path University.

Jeannette Ramos

SVP, Operations & Technology

As the SVP Operations & Technology for New Valley Bank & Trust, Jeannette is responsible for managing day to day deposit operations. Jeannette oversees the bank’s core technology relationship and ensures New Valley continues to offer best in class technology and service to our customers. Jeannette has over 30 years of banking experience and holds a BS in Spanish degree with a minor in Business Administration from UMass Amherst.

Renee Messier

SVP, Cash Management

As the SVP Cash Management for New Valley Bank & Trust, Renee is responsible for growing and supporting the cash management needs of our commercial clients with personalized service that meets their financial objectives. Renee also oversees and manages the bank’s retail branch network. Renee has over 30 years of banking experience.

Jill Brody

SVP, Risk Management

As the SVP Risk Management for New Valley Bank & Trust, Jill is responsible for developing and monitoring the risk framework for the Bank. Most previously, Jill worked as Chief Auditor for an IT services firm that supports roughly $50B in loans. Prior to that she led internal control and audit functions at some of the top insurance and accounting firms in the area. She graduated with a BS in accounting from Boston College and is a CPA.

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