Celebrating Made in America Day with Burke Aerospace

July 2, 2024

Today is Made in USA Day, and at New Valley Bank, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on our customer, Burke Aerospace, which embodies the spirit of American manufacturing. Burke Aerospace stands out by consistently delivering top-notch, locally-made components for some of the most demanding industries. They’re not just assembling parts; they’re engineering and crafting critical components that keep our aircraft flying safely and our power plants running efficiently.

A Pillar of American Manufacturing

Burke Aerospace takes immense pride in its heritage and commitment to manufacturing high-quality products in the United States. Made in America Day celebrates the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and dedication that define American manufacturing, and it is honored to contribute to this legacy with cutting-edge machining technology and a commitment to superior quality.

Burke manufactures critical components essential to the performance and longevity of high-performance hardware and assemblies across several industries, including power generation, commercial flight, and defense. Here’s a closer look at how the industries Burke serves contribute to the US gross domestic product (GDP):

GE Vernova/Power – H-Class Gas Turbines (9HA | 7HA)

Industry: Industrial Gas Turbines (I.G.T.)
GDP Contribution: ~$2 billion annually

  • Efficiency and Reliability: Renowned for exceptional efficiency and reliability, setting new benchmarks in power generation.
  • Sustainability: Designed to operate with lower emissions, supporting cleaner energy solutions.
  • Performance: Advanced technology ensures optimal performance for high-demand power generation.

GE Aerospace – Turboshaft Engine (T700)

Industry: Aerospace
GDP Contribution: ~$1 billion annually

  • Versatility and Durability: A proven workhorse offering unparalleled versatility and durability.
    High Performance: Delivers superior power-to-weight ratios, enhancing aircraft performance.
    Reliability: Robust design ensures operational reliability in challenging conditions.

Siemens Energy – Heavy-duty Gas Turbines (SGT6)

Industry: Industrial Gas Turbines (I.G.T.)
GDP Contribution: ~$1.5 billion annually

  • Power and Efficiency: Delivers maximum power and efficiency for large-scale energy projects.
  • Flexibility: Offers operational flexibility with various fuel options and settings.
  • Environmental Impact: Advanced technologies help reduce environmental impact.

Pratt & Whitney – Geared Turbofan (GTF) Engines (17K | 24K | 30K)

Industry: Aerospace
GDP Contribution: ~$2.5 billion annually

  • Fuel Efficiency: Revolutionizes the aerospace industry with remarkable fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.
  • Noise Reduction: Designed to be quieter, improving passenger experience and reducing noise pollution.
  • Performance and Reliability: Delivers outstanding performance and reliability for modern aircraft.

These projects showcase Burke’s ability to meet diverse industry needs, from power generation to aviation. The precision-engineered parts not only drive technological advancements but also significantly boost the economy across multiple sectors.

Contributions to Defense: F135 and F119 Engines

Burke Aerospace also manufactures parts for critical defense applications, including:

Pratt & Whitney – F135 Engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

  • Advanced Technology: Contributes to the most advanced multi-role fighter jet, enhancing combat capabilities.
  • Superior Performance: Ensures high thrust and efficiency, vital for the F-35’s versatile missions.
  • Reliability: Provides robust and reliable performance in diverse combat environments.

Pratt & Whitney – F119 Engine for the F-22 Raptor

  • High Performance: Supports the F-22’s supercruise capability, allowing sustained supersonic speeds without afterburners.
  • Stealth and Agility: Enhances the Raptor’s stealth and agility, critical for air superiority missions.
  • Durability: Ensures long-term reliability and performance in demanding operational scenarios.

Burke Aerospace’s contributions to these advanced defense engines are crucial for maintaining America’s air superiority. The work on these components directly supports our nation’s defense capabilities, ensuring our military aircraft remain at the forefront of technological innovation.

Commitment to Excellence

Burke Aerospace’s commitment to excellence drives it to continually innovate and improve its capabilities. The US-based, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technologies and staffed by skilled professionals dedicated to producing world-class components. These critical components are essential to the performance of advanced products used by Burke’s industry-leading partners.

As we celebrate Made in America Day, Burke Aerospace reaffirms its dedication to delivering high-quality, American-made products that meet or exceed the needs of its customers and industries worldwide.

Our New Valley Bank team is proud to provide commercial financing to Burke Aerospace to help fuel innovation and precision in American manufacturing. Thank you for supporting American-made products and joining us in building a brighter, more innovative future.


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Celebrating Made in America Day with Burke Aerospace