Guide to Online Banking for Your Business

January 3, 2022

Ready to go online for banking needs? Ever wish you had a mobile app you could manage your business’s funds through effortlessly, especially with the limited amount of time you have to dedicate to financial management? It’s not as hard as you think. With New Valley Bank, online banking is easy.

Why Bank Online?

The benefits of banking online are numerous and apply to nearly all businesses. New Valley Bank is proud to collaborate and partner with our local businesses. We know you, you know us — we support your businesses and are dedicated to streamlining banking to make it as effortless and effective for you as possible.

You can accomplish a great deal with online banking. That includes:

  • Check account balances at any time. That allows you to catch errors or unauthorized transactions fast, minimizing risks.
  • See deposits and charges. That may allow for better planning of your account funds. You can track these as closely as you need to over the course of the month.
  • Set up automatic notifications. This lets you know when specific changes occur, such as when you receive a deposit or when your account’s balance falls below a certain level.
  • For those with business loans, you can use your mobile app as a way to pay them.
  • Did you receive a payment from a client? Need to deposit it quickly? Use the app to do so. This makes managing your account as easy as possible to do.

There’s no reason to have to come in every day to your local branch (unless you want to see friendly, smiling people who are ready to help you). What is most important to know is that online banking enables you to do more from a distance, but you maintain all of the same features and tools you have been using as well.

You’re just getting more convenience and a bit of automation out of the process — what’s better than that?

A Guide to Mobile Banking

Internet banking in all forms is easy to set up. It generally takes just a few minutes to do so. Once in place, your organization can manage deposits, transactions, payments, and much more all through a mobile app or computer.

There is ample security in place. In fact, we use the most modern and innovative security solutions to keep your business information private. Remember, online banking accounts have the same financial protection and safety net that others do. More so, you get all of the same features and many more when you move to banking online.

Once you set up an account and apply for online banking, the next step is to download the app. You can do this safely to only approved business devices, such as your business smartphone. Then, log in using your security credentials to get the information you need. In minutes, you have access to your bank account. Use it when you are on the road, at the job site, or need to check on a transaction in the middle of the night.

Ready to Get Some Support?

Online banking made easy? That’s what we’re talking about at New Valley Bank. As we aim to be the best business bank, know we’re here for you, day in and day out, providing exceptional service and modern financial solutions to all of your banking needs.

Stop in to see us or check out the app now. Contact the business banking experts and let’s get started!

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Guide to Online Banking for Your Business